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Archery championships will bring the world … and volunteer jobs

Archery organizers know that the smallest community to ever host a world event will shoot for success
An image from Rene Schaub's facebook page, is a HUGE sign of the times.

The 2019 World 3D Archery Championships hosted in Lac La Biche County is only a few months away — and organizers are expecting to strike a bullseye when it comes to local hospitality. The September 2-7 event is expected to attract hundreds of archers from around the world, and organizers are looking for the local community members to help in any way possible — whether it’s volunteering or sponsorship.

Rene Schaub is the president of Archery Alberta and the Lakeland Archers, the hometown hosts of the massive event. Schaub feels his home community is as good as any other community on the large world stage of the sport — despite no other host in the history of the championships being smaller. It will also be the first time the world championships have ever been held in North America.

“With the 3D World Championships held in Lac La Biche, this is the first time this event will be held in North America….This world event will bring archers, coaches, teams,and volunteers from around the world to eat, sleep and spend money in our community,” said Schaub. “It’s a great opportunity to showcase ourselves to the world.”

The local archery club is also working with Lac La Biche County officials to build the club’s outdoor facility and reception centre. The complex, being built at the outdoor archery field at the Lac La Biche shooting range, is expected to be completed by the end of May . The archery facility being built is coming along really well, says Schaub.

“The building will be used for 3D Worlds and after the event, it will be a multi-use building that will be used by, and cared for, by Lakeland Archers,” he said.

Schaub has had a large role to play in the details of the local event. His experience as an international judge in recent competitions, including is part at last year’s World 3D Championships in Paris, France, has earned him worldwide respect in the sport.

Schaub has also just returned from the Canada Winter Games in Red Deer, where he was the technical representative for Archery Canada. He was responsible to oversee the nine-day archery event that featured the best young bow shooters in the county.
“It was a great experience watching the archers from 11-20 years of age perform. All the archers were from the nine provinces and two territories,” said Schaub.
Although hosting the world’s best archers in a community of less than 10,000 people could make some people quiver, Schaub is a straight-shooter in his belief that the community is more than ready to face the challenging target. Aferall, the community isn’t a stranger to the higher levels of the sport. In 2017, Schaub, the Lakeland Archers and the community hosted the Canadian 3D Indoor Championships, and just last week the club was hosting the Regional Indoor Championships.
Local archer Susan Gehlertplaced first in the regionals and is trying for team Canada for the upcoming 3D World Championship.
Schaub and organizers from the Lakeland Archers are looking forward to be a host to such a major international event — but it will take the help of the whole community.
“We ask everyone that can help to get involved as a volunteer, helper or as a sponsor,” said Schaub.
For information on how community members can help, they can visit the website
Schaub’s hobby — more than just a hobby
“I have loved archery since a young age on the farm using a bow and arrows made from willows. When my daughter was looking for a sport to join, we joined together and we have been involved with the sport — on several times a week basis — since the last 20 + years,” Rene Schaub