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$100 fine for splashing people

Watch out for potholes and pedestrians

The City of North Battleford has two reasons to ask drivers to slow down during the spring melt season – pedestrian and potholes.

The city says drivers should slow down and avoid splashing pedestrians. Not only is it “impolite” to splash any pedestrian, it could cost you a $100 fine.

Also, says the city, under the water there may be potholes that can cause damage to vehicles.

“Potholes occur when moisture enters breaks in the pavement, then when the moisture freezes and expands, the ice puts pressure on the crack. During the spring melt, this happens numerous times causing the pavement to break and crumble,” explains Director of Utility Services Stewart Schafer.

Vehicles running over potholes cause further damage and expansion.

Potholes can pose a serious driving hazard, and until the City is able to perform pothole repairs, drivers are asked to:

• slow down;

• drive with caution;

• avoid driving through accumulated water on the streets, if possible;

• report problem potholes to City Hall by calling 306-445-1700.

City of North Battleford crews are aware of problem areas, but in some cases have to wait until melting is complete to repair certain potholes.

Additional information can be found under “Potholes” of the FAQ section of the City website at