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Town of Creighton, councillors seeking Main Street light vandals

The Town of Creighton is looking for information into who destroyed a pair of light posts on the town’s Main Street last week.
A pair of broken streetlights visible on Creighton's Main Street.

The Town of Creighton is looking for information on who destroyed a pair of light posts on the town’s Main Street last week.

Town councillors and Creighton Mayor Bruce Fidler discussed the matter during town council’s May 10 meeting, mere hours after one of the lights was broken. One light was found broken May 4 - the second one was broken May 10, with both having apparently been smashed in broad daylight.

“Somebody must have taken a disliking to them - jumped up or took a club or something. They’re 10 feet high,” said the mayor.

As of press time, no arrests or punishment has been levied after the vandalism.

“We are going through videotapes from different areas and we're very hopeful that we're going to be able to identify suspects,” said Fidler.

“These were happening right around midday.”

The Town has offered a reward for any information that can be used to find the person or persons responsible for trashing the lights.

It is not the first time vandals have attacked the poles. In the past, a set of eight-foot poles was smashed and vandalized on Main Street. That led to the Town buying and installing a set of 10-foot poles a few years ago, in the hopes that an extra two feet of height would ward off any assailants.

“These were smashed a few times before - that’s when they were only eight feet tall. We raised them all up to 10 feet tall,” Fidler said.

The Town has looked to the public for instances of public vandalism in the past - when several street signs and stop signs were taken or graffitied last year, the Town sought information after pricey replacements.

“They were taken - I remember the price tag associated with replacing those signs,” said councillor Dan Hlady.

Fidler said anyone with further information is asked to contact Creighton RCMP at (306) 688-8888.

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