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No COVID-19 cases left in Deschambault Lake, Pelican Narrows down to two active cases

Few cases remaining in communities hit hard by fourth wave
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COVID-19 graphic. / Getty Images

After months of being hit hard by COVID-19, Deschambault Lake and Pelican Narrows are almost rid of the disease. No cases of COVID-19 are present in Deschambault Lake, while only two people have the disease in Pelican Narrows.

According to the Angelique Canada Health Centre in Pelican Narrows, two remaining cases of COVID-19 are present in the community as of Oct. 29, both present in unidentified people under 19 years old. The area has been hit hard by the pandemic during the previous three waves, with a total of 888 people having tested positive since the pandemic began. Around a hundred people are still self-isolating in the community due to being close contacts of people who had previously tested positive.

Meanwhile, no cases are active in Deschambault Lake and none have been active since Oct. 25, according to the Jonah Sewap Memorial Health Centre based in the community. A total of 217 people have tested positive in Deschambault Lake since the pandemic started. According to the centre, no people in Deschambault Lake are currently self-isolating due to COVID-19 close contacts.

Only eight COVID-19 cases are still active in the far north east 2 health zone in Saskatchewan. Exact location of those cases is not known, but four cases were found in the time period from Oct. 20-27 in the combined area of Creighton, Denare Beach and Flin Flon, Sask.