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Long-time museum volunteer Dodds steps down from board, earns praise from city

After almost four full decades of work and heaps of praise, Ron Dodds has stepped down from the board of the Flin Flon Station Museum.
_P07 Grey Cup 01
Ron Dodds poses with the Grey Cup during an event in Flin Flon in Feb. 2020.

After almost four full decades of work and heaps of praise, Ron Dodds has stepped down from the board of the Flin Flon Station Museum.

Dodds officially tendered a resignation to the board and to Flin Flon city council in late December. His letter was read aloud during the Dec. 21 city council meeting.

“Please accept this letter as formal notification that I am resigning from my position as past chairman of the Flin Flon Station Museum, effective Dec. 31,” reads Dodds’ letter, submitted to city council members.

“For the past 39 years, I’ve enjoyed working within my various positions as a board member at the museum. A couple of my favourite jobs were Flinty’s birthday and putting up the annual Christmas light display.”

Dodds held several posts and jobs with the museum over those 39 years, including stints most recently as the museum’s chair and past chairman. Dodds was also central to the museum’s annual Christmas decorations, which included lights, large decorations and the now-traditional statues of Santa Claus and a snowman erected at the entrance of the museum.

“I wish the board continued success in the operation of the Flin Flon Station Museum,” reads Dodds’ letter.

City councillors thanked Dodds for his work as a volunteer.

“I think we all, here, echo our congratulations and thanks to Ron for his 39 years of service. He’s gone above and beyond on many occasions - an unbelievably committed, wonderful man,” said Flin Flon Mayor Cal Huntley.
“I don’t think anybody else will meet that or even come close to that.”

Councillor Karen MacKinnon said that Dodds, one of her neighbours, had become a friend over the years and that his commitment to the museum was second to none.

“I consider Ron to be a friend and neighbour - he’s sat on our deck and told many a story. I’ve sat on the board for it and I know how much he does,” she said.

“He’s always committed to that museum. I know it's a hard thing for him to step down because he's been very dedicated and I'm sure he'll be still there working and helping them. It’s not in his nature not to help. I wish him all the best.”

A replacement for Dodds’ seat on the board was not known as of press time, but councillors expressed doubt that the role he filled could ever be filled the same way again.

“Personally, from a council point of view, somebody’s going to take on that role, but Ron’s irreplaceable. He’s been so committed and it was a passion for him. You can tell from his letter that this was special,” said Huntley.