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Floods and washouts shut down portions of Highway 10, partial washouts found on Highways 6 and 39

Heavy rain and overland flooding have affected several Manitoba highways, including ones usually relied on by northerners.
Road closed sign.

Heavy rain and overland flooding have affected several Manitoba highways, including ones usually relied on by northerners.

According to Manitoba 511, partial or complete washouts have been reported on Highways 10, 6 and 39. While Highways 6 and 39 remain open as of Sunday morning, parts of Highway 10 south of the Highway 60 junction are still impassable.

Washouts have been reported at several areas along Highway 10, including both north and south of Mafeking, near Bellsite and Bell River, east of Swan River, north of Pine River and between Ethelbert and Ashville. Roads at these locations are either completely closed or open to local traffic only.

Highway 10 is currently open to local traffic only for a nearly 150-kilometre stretch from just east of Swan River to the Highway 5 junction at Ashville. Barricades have been put up on the road in some areas.

Other roads in the Parkland area, including roads through Duck Mountain Provincial Park and near Cowan, Pine River and Duck River, are completely closed to all traffic due to flooding.

Highway 77 between Barrows and the Saskatchewan border is also closed "due to water on the road in various locations," according to Manitoba 511.

Manitoba RCMP have issued a highway advisory for Highway 10 near the Highway 77 junction and for the portion of the road south of Mafeking, warning drivers to avoid the area late Saturday night.

"Manitoba RCMP are warning travellers - do not attempt to drive on Highway 10 near the junction of Highway 77 and Highway 10 south of Mafeking as these roads/bridges are washed out and may collapse. Do not drive around barricades that are in place. Never drive on a closed or barricaded road," reads the advisory.

A portion of Highway 6 is under construction due to washout shoulder repairs as of Sunday morning, located about 10 kilometres north of Tan Creek and about 40 kilometres north of St. Martin. The road is still open, but a reduced speed limit of 50 kilometres an hour is in effect for the area, which is stated on Manitoba 511 to be marked and signposted. Over the past week, parts of the road have been hit by overland flooding and portions have been underwater.

Along Highway 39, a washout has been reported between Ponton and the junction to Highway 392 heading to Snow Lake. That washout, as of Sunday morning, is a partial washout only and the road is still open, but the area of the washout is marked and signs are up - drivers are asked to exercise caution.