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Are residents ready to LARP?

Live Action Role Playing set as part of Culture Days

Medieval knights, vikings, elves and any other fantasy creature that can be imagined will all be welcomed at the Live Action Role Playing (LARP) event next

LARPing has been added to the long list of activities on tap for this year’s Flin Flon Culture Days.

The new feature will take place at Creekside Park on Saturday,
Sept. 27.

“It’s brand new and I’m really excited about it,” said Culture Days organizer Crystal Kolt.

LARP brings inventive stories to life. It is often based in medieval times with authentic garb, weapons and languages. It’s similar to a play, but without the script.

“It’s almost like Dungeons and Dragons,” said Kolt, eager to get the event going.

Though she has never participated in a LARP event, Kolt has watched from the sidelines.

“It’s a bit of a game,” she said. “It’s an active game, an active sport. You have to use your imagination, but you’re actually reenacting.”

LARPers transform from everyday people to knights, vikings, dames, elves and warriors to reenact stories and scenes of battle.

Flin Flon’s LARP event will be open to residents of all ages. Participants will work together in teams as they engage in quests and battles.

If the thought of battle is off-putting, Kolt says there is more to it than safely entering a battle zone with foam- and rubber-padded weapons.

“Aside from the medieval fighting component, there is also that bit of imagination that’s involved,” she said. “It’s going to be really fun.”

All LARP participants will have to ensure their swords, shields and other weapons are safe according to the proper

A group of roughly seven will be coming to Flin Flon from Winnipeg’s Wildgard to help ensure the LARPing goes well and is played correctly. Wildgard is Winnipeg’s LARP group, dedicated to the sport since 2012.

The Reeve, or referee of the game, will ensure that all equipment is safe to use.


Area residents interested in trying out LARP for the first time can be as extravagant or laid back as they wish when it comes to costumes. Participants can simply wear a t-shirt and a belt as a tunic, or they can dress in full medieval garb.

“Just think about what a medieval page would wear,” said Kolt. “And there are some people who really get into it.”

While watching on the sidelines of a show in southern Manitoba, Kolt saw a man wearing chainmail, which he had created over the course of a year.

“That was amazing,” she said. “But that shows that there is absolutely no wrong answer.

“You don’t [even] have to come dressed in

Kolt says there is also plenty of room on the sidelines for those more interested in seeing how the event works than actually participating.

Kolt encourages those who plan to just watch to show up for the beginning of the event.

The Reeve, along with the others who will be in from Winnipeg, will be able to answer questions.

While the participants have an idea of what’s going on, Kolt says sometimes the story can get confusing to those

“There is always someone to help you,” she said, referring to both the audience members and the participants.

Kolt encourages anyone to show up for the start of the game.

“You don’t have to pre-register or anything. Just show up and try it out,” she said.

Culture Days in Flin Flon will take place next weekend with over 70 events to choose from.