After nearly 75 years, lost is found

After nearly 75 years, the lost is found! A set of drums once owned and played by Jock Carr in various orchestras and bands in the Melita area (Collesium on Front Street) was located in a residence owned by Doug and Nelda Wilkinson.

Nelda approached Trudy (Carr) Dickson inquiring if her dad, Jock Carr, would recognize a set of drums she thought may belong to him.

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Trudy took a picture of the small drum and showed her Dad. He wasn’t too sure but thought they looked like his.

We remembered selling them to Doug’s dad when the band Jock played in disbanded. Nadine Gillander (Wilkinson) played them in her dad’s band when Doug played the saxophone. When they brought the large drum over, Sheila (Carr) Williams noticed Moonlight Melody Makers on it – a final clue to personify his ownership.

Mrs. Donahue, was the piano player when Keith Sherman formed a band playing at the Colliseum on Front Street in Melita. Later Jock’s wife, Lois, on the piano, George Sussons on the saxophone, Keith on the violin and Jock on the drums. Practises were held at Susson’s in Napinka and at Keith and Allie’s farm home.

Our appreciation to Nelda for bringing Jock and his drums back together after all these years and bringing an incredible treasure to 44 members of his family! Incredible! Much appreciated, Nelda! 

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