Can the internet help #namethebeaver

The Northern Village of Denare Beach is hoping the public is eager to help name their new mascot - Canada’s national animal, a beaver.

The new symbol for the village, a cartoon of a depiction of a beaver complete with a big, blunt tail, first appeared during the pop-up market in the community in late August. The idea came up in the past year as a tourism initiative between the village and the Regional Economic Development Committee (REDC).

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“We sat down and thought of new marketing ideas for Denare Beach and that was one idea we came up with,” said Crystal Banting, marketing coordinator for the Northern Village of Denare Beach.

“It was a beaver we just had in our stockpile of images here. We just tweaked him a little bit.”

The new castorine mascot doesn’t have a name - that’s where the contest comes in. On the village’s Facebook page, the community has organized a contest to help name their new buck-toothed pal, using the hashtag “#namethebeaver”.

“Hopefully, with our hashtags, we can bring some more awareness to the community as well,” said Banting, who added the village had received about 50 entries as of August 30.

The name of the new mascot will be publicly unveiled during the Denare Beach fall supper Nov. 17.

Anyone with a suggestion for a name can submit a name in person or over the phone to the village office, or commenting on Facebook, either on the original Denare Beach post or by using the hashtag “#namethebeaver”.

The goal of the project, said Banting, is to give the community a new tradition and provide something for people, both locals and tourists alike, to identify with the village. Once the all-Canadian rodent has a name, village workers will move the beaver around the community, providing a handy backdrop for selfies, family photos and more.

“We’re hoping that we’re going to hide him around the community - probably in the summer months more than in the winter months. People can have their picture taken with him once they find him, then we’ll move them around to new spots,” Banting said, adding the brand may be expanded in the future.

“Eventually, we may have a sign put up. He’ll be a part of our website and we’ll have online videos.”

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